Data Protection

Your data protection on Viztam
We at Viztam protect our users, which means that we always make sure to collect and use your information with regard to your privacy. It is important for us to find out what information we collect about you and how we use it. You also have the opportunity to refuse certain activities, these choices are made through your settings.
In order for us to give you access to our services, for example, to give you the opportunity to advertise on Viztam or to contact advertisers, we need to process certain information about you. When you use Viztam to search for things or jobs that interest you, you also automatically leave you information about yourself in different ways. For example, when you search on Viztam or register surveys with your Viztam account, click on ads or on advertisements on Viztam.
Here we describe:
• What personal information we collect and why
• How we use your personal data
• What options and rights you have, for example in terms of accessing personal data
If you want more detailed information on how we process your personal information, please read our Privacy Policy which contains more information about our data processing.
We ensure that your personal data is protected, and that the processing follows the applicable data protection rules, our internal guidelines and procedures. We have also appointed a data protection officer who checks that these rules are followed.

Who is the person responsible for personal data?
Viztam is the personal data controller (controller) for the processing of your personal data, unless otherwise stated in this information.

What information do we collect about you?
We collect information about you when you register a user account and when you use our services. To give you a clear picture of how personal data processing goes, we have divided the personal data into different categories based on how they are collected

What is local storage of data and cookies, and how do we use it?
We use local storage of data, which means that different types of data are stored locally on your device (eg computer, mobile phone or tablet) via your browser. One type of local storage of data is cookies. Local storage of data may, for example, include user settings, information about how you have surfed, which browser you are using and which ads or advertisements have been shown to you. Such information can be used to personalize the content and functions of our services in order to make your visit customized and meaningful for you.

What do we use your personal data for?
Information we collect about you and other users of Viztam is used to provide and improve viztam’s services.

Advertise and search for ads
Viztan gives you access to a marketplace where you can advertise, search for goods, services, jobs and housing, register surveys and contact advertisers. In order to deliver these services to you, we need to process your personal information. For example, we handle information about what searches you have done and what surveys you have posted to be able to provide you with information about new relevant ads.

Communication between users – Viztam message service
Viztam’s message service offers you a safe way to communicate with other users on viztam. We process your personal data when you use the messaging service. Messages are automatically filtered so that they do not contain unauthorized or offensive content and can also be manually scanned if necessary to prevent or investigate misuse of the service.

Provide a safe and secure marketplace
It is very important for us to ensure that viztam is a safe and secure marketplace. Therefore, we do what we can to detect, prevent, and remove bluff advertisements, advertisements with theft, pirates and ads with offensive content and other forms of misuse of the service or action contrary to our terms. We handle all the information we have collected about our users for this purpose

Make Viztam better and make sure things work
Viztam records and analyzes how you and others use our services. This is done in order for us to understand how we should work to make viztam as good as possible, and what functions our users appreciate. We also try to improve your experience so that you do not need to enter your search every time, or by supplementing your search with whole keywords. These activities are important for viztam’s continued development and product improvement to adapt our service according to how you and other users want the Viztam to work.

Give you relevant tips, news and offers
We want you to get the best experience possible when using Viztam. We can customize how we communicate with you based on what you like and what we believe is relevant to you. We also send out tips and news to you such as newsletters by email or push notifications from the app based on how you use viztam. We also follow up on how you found us at viztam and if you add, or respond to, an ad. We also want to be able to market our services to people we believe are interested in them. That’s why we use Google’s services to create relevant audiences for our marketing.

User reviews and information
We process personal data to make it easier for you to make informed and good decisions when using Viztam. We believe this contributes to a safer and more efficient marketplace. We give you, among other things, the opportunity to provide reviews on how it was to do business with other users. We also measure how quickly you usually respond to messages from other users in order to be able to show buyers how long it usually takes for you to respond to messages.

Show advertising and keep track of how advertising is shown to you
This is done in order to be able to show advertisements and follow up the results of the advertisements (see how many click on these ads). We strive to deliver high quality advertising, for example by limiting the number of ads in the sto format and limiting how many times you get to see the same message. Using different measurements makes it easier for us to know when advertising should appear to you on our websites or apps. In this way, we can also see if the ad is visible on your screen and make sure that you do not need to see too much advertising.

Manage inquiries and customer service
If you are in contact with viztam’s customer service, we will process your personal information in order to help you with your question. As a private customer you reach our customer service via chat and email. If you are a corporate customer, you can also reach our customer service by email

Complete viztam’s statutory obligations
We process personal data to fulfill our statutory obligations. An example of such treatment is that we store data for accounting purposes and that we can disclose information to authorities if we are obliged to do so by law.

How long do we save your personal data?
We will process your personal data for as long as is necessary with regard to the purpose of the treatment. This means that different tasks will be saved for a long time. We need to save some information for a long time to meet our statutory obligations. For more information about how long we store your personal information.

Your rights
You have the right to know what we do with your personal data and get information about how your personal data is processed and why. You also have the right to access your personal data and in some cases have them corrected, deleted or blocked.

To whom can personal data be disclosed?
We share information about you with others, such as suppliers who process personal data on our behalf, authorities and partners.

Cookies and local storage of data

What are cookies and local storage of data?
When you visit our web pages, various types of data are stored locally on your device via your web browser. Such “locally stored data” can be used to customize the content and features of the services, thereby making your visit better organized and more meaningful to you.
The most common type of local data storage is cookies. These are small text files that are stored on your device (computer, mobile phone or tablet). These files allow us to recognize your browser.
In addition to cookies, we also use other similar techniques as web beacons / pixel tags. These are technologies that recognize cookies and identifiers, and facilitate third parties to place cookies on your device. Web beacons can, among other things, be used to determine which ads should appear in your browser.
Both Viztam and third parties can store data locally on your device when you use our services.

For what does Viztam use local storage of data?
We use locally stored data to:
• Deliver and customize our services to the device and browser you use.
• Give you good and relevant tips and content.
• Make viztam better and make sure things work as well as possible.
• Customize which advertising and which banners you see.
• Check out how it goes for those who advertise with us.
• Find bluff ads and viztam users who do not seem shy.

How can you manage or delete cookies and locally stored data?
In the browser settings you will usually find an overview of all cookies that are stored. There you can also remove unwanted cookies, specify whether you accept the storage of cookies from the web pages you visit, from third parties connected to the web pages and if you want to be notified each time a new cookie is saved.

Instructions for managing cookies in your browser
Below are instructions on how to manage cookies in different browsers. Note that the process for this can be changed and that the descriptions below will not always be updated.
• Safari
• Safari for iPhone and iPad
• Google Chrome
• Microsoft Internet Explorer
• Mozilla Firefox
• Opera

Why do I get annoying advertising?
It happens that we get questions and comments from our users regarding. banners and advertisements on viztam that contain inappropriate messages and pictures. It can also be about technical problems related to advertising on Viztam. Because it is content that is not posted by us and that is only visible to some, we ask that you see an example of how it looks (preferably a screenshot). Sometimes these are so-called “malware”. Whether it’s malware or not, you are welcome to contact us if you see advertisements that you find disturbing. To report annoying advertisements: Send a request

Long live good things
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